End the Struggle and Create a Life of Happiness, Abundance, Purpose and Total Freedom from Addiction

Come with me and explore the path to finding AUTHENTIC FREEDOM , EXHILARATING PASSION and the NURTURING PEACE of finally coming home!

You are meant to live a beatific life! Full of happiness, blissfulness, blessedness and triumph.

In this complimentary coaching session we will work together to :

  •  Create a Crystal Clear Vision for the kind of Happy Life and Recovery you’ve been Longing For
  • Uncover Hidden Challenges that may Sabotaging your Success with maintaining a Joyful Recovery
  • Leave the session feeling Renewed, Re-energized and Inspired to Create the Life and Recovery of your Dreams


Getting sober is just the beginning of what can potentially be the most profound and amazing journey of self discovery, empowerment and joy!
Hi! I’m Jamie Pettis and I’m a Recovery and Transformational Life Coach.  I’ve been where you are! I was once addicted and heavily dependent on alcohol and am now (8 wonderful years later) fully recovered. Yes, I believe in full Recovery! I don’t believe that addiction has to plague you for the rest of your life- it hasn’t plagued mine! You can make a shift and choose to allow the addictive behavior to be a sign of a deeper issue that needs to be looked at and healed.  Addiction is a sign of distress, a symptom that something or some things aren’t working in your life and you can choose to be made new by this challenge.  Addiction can be a wonderful opportunity to make yourself ANEW!  This process does take willingness, honesty, time, strategy, intention and support!  ………..  still working on bio………………….



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